Useful Links

ALASKA AIR CARRIERS ASSOCIATION: The Alaska Air Carriers Association promotes the interests of Alaska's commercial aviation businesses with specific regard to aviation safety, educational support and assistance, and regulatory advocacy.

NORTHERN ALASKA TOUR COMPANY: Northern Alaska Tour Company pioneered travel on Alaska's Dalton Highway. Today they are the premier provider of travel experiences in Alaska's Arctic.

DALTON HIGHWAY EXPRESS:  Offering shuttle service along the Dalton highway.  Great for those who don't wish to fly both ways.

COLDFOOT CAMP: Legendary hospitality above the Arctic Circle in Alaska's Brooks Mountain Range. 

DEADHORSE CAMP:  Your first stop in Deadhorse for a bite to eat and a place to sleep.

ARCTIC OUTFITTERS: Providing car rentals and various reservations along the Dalton Highway.

CIRCLE OF SAFETY: FAA's consumer education program that results from the continuing need to prevent and reduce accidents.

SMITHSHOTS PHOTOGRAPHY: The aircraft photos on this site are provided by SmithShots Photography, specializing in Alaska scenic and sports photography.

COYOTE AIR:  Charter flights from Coldfoot to the Brooks Range back country.